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Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
List Price: $189.95
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Used From: $47.93

Inspiring and motivating students from the moment it published, Organic Chemistry has established itself in just one edition as the student's choice of an organic chemistry text. The second edition refines and refocuses Organic Chemistry to produce a text that is even more student-friendly, coherent, and logical in its presentation than before.Like the first, the second edition is built on three principles:An explanatory approach, through which the reader is motivated to understand the subject and not just learn the facts;A mechanistic approach, giving the reader the power to understand compounds and reactions never previously encountered;An evidence-based approach, setting out clearly how and why reactions happen as they do, giving extra depth to the reader's understanding.The authors write clearly and directly, sharing with the reader their own fascination with the subject, and leading them carefully from topic to topic. Their honest and open narrative flags pitfalls and misconceptions, guiding the reader towards a complete picture of organic chemistry and its universal themes and principles.SUPPORT MATERIALSThe Companion Website (, available to all adopters of the text, includes: - 3D Organic Animations: Link to chemtube3d to view interactive 3D animations developed by the author - Additional Chapters: Four chapters from the first edition that do not appear in the second - Errata: Corrections to the book since publication - End-of-Chapter Questions: A range of problems to accompany each chapter - Figures in PowerPoint: Figures pre-inserted into PowerPoint for use in lectures and handouts - Problems: Problems to accompany each chapter from the new edition of Organic Chemistry will be posted in the student area of the book's Companion Website throughout the year (April, June, and December 2012)

Prophetic Faith: Exploring Social Justice Advocacy as a Congregation Prophetic Faith: Exploring Social Justice Advocacy as a Congregation
List Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $6.50

This highly praised, seven-session study explores the relationship between Christian faith, social justice, and the public role of the church. It invites individuals and congregations to explore how and why to respond to the biblical call for social justice in ways that are faithful to our vocation as followers of Jesus Christ and yet respect the pluralistic democracy in which we live and the separation of church and state mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Topics addressed in this accessible Participant Book include the political implications of biblical faith; public and private arenas for expressing faith; individual and communal forms of religious practices; the difference between systemic change (justice) and social outreach (charity); the impact of social location and false certainties on our perspectives; resistance to addressing controversial issues in church; civil religion as the unexamined conflation of God and country; how social justice advocacy strengthens the roots and fruits of our faith; what the separation of church and state means and doesn’t mean; and how to overcome paralysis when facing the complexity of social issues. Personal reflection questions throughout the book prepare the reader for group discussions.

Leader Guide for Prophetic Faith: Exploring Social Justice Advocacy as a Congregation Leader Guide for Prophetic Faith: Exploring Social Justice Advocacy as a Congregation
List Price: $9.50
Sale Price: $9.50

Prophetic Faith: Empowering Social Justice Advocacy consists of seven 90-minute to two-hour sessions, with suggestions for optional sessions and numerous follow-up activities, all described in this Leader Guide. The study is adaptable to almost any sized group and can be adjusted for shorter time periods either by eliminating some activities or by dividing the sessions into two periods. Administrative tips and publicity suggestions will help leaders form and lead a successful group. Detailed lesson plans include engaging activities for introducing topics, exploring biblical perspectives, and generating small- and large-group discussion. Supplementary materials, handouts and worship resources are provided for each session.

You Are Entering GREEVESVILLE - Customized You Are Entering GREEVESVILLE - Customized "GREEVES" LastName - 12"x18" Quality Aluminum Sign
List Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $29.95

You Are Entering GREEVESVILLE - Customized "GREEVES" LastName - 12"x18" Inches - Quality Aluminum!!! A BRAND NEW SIGN!! Looking for a cool decorative sign to add to your home or garage? This You are Entering "LASTNAMEVILLE" sign is what you need! All of our street signs are made of premium materials. The sign itself is made of aluminum and will never rust providing years of enjoyment indoors and outdoors. No Cheap plastic!! The Lizton Sign Shop specializes in quality personalized custom aluminum signs for any occasion. These make the perfect sign for any man cave, office, basement, garage, college dorm, kids bedroom, game room, bar, pub, tavern or countless other places. All content and designs are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form.


looking for a motorcycle Greeves 1959?

relive the past, the race or not, 380 was called the command ccbelieve

Can be found looking for a little help ur added some links


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