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Honda Vtx600

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Honda Vtx600
Honda Vtx600

issue of motorcycle tires?!

I am looking for input on your expeience and knowledge, or even some useful sites on tires motorcycle. What is the differece in the direction and handling of a wide rear tire compared to a regular rear tire of fat? However as the preferred brand of tires or cheap compared to expensive? If you rely on the bike you have and the weight of the rider, then riding a Honda vtx600 Shadow. Yes I know it is small, but I too am a woman of 92 pounds and have only begun to rise significantly over the last four months. I live in a more hot, but have recently heard about the arts heating, you can use and connect to your cigarette lighter thingy research. I think I'll buy this winter.

A big back tire feels slower in the turns, affects treatment. For a brand tire, I run Dunlops. Made in USA or Japan, are also very close if they were made in the same factory. For a tire with low cost, Cheng Shin-use. Made in Taiwan, the cost is low, the adhesion is good and wear is good too. These recommendations are not all working. There are many brands. Within each brand is different tires / compound different purposes. More weight is put into a tire wear out faster. As the light that you and the bike is not a heavyweight, tires must last for some time.

Rolando op een dikke vette 600 CC chopper @ Krabi, Thailand

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February 13th, 2004 at 6:32 am

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