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Adapt Sportster Heads

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Adapt Sportster Heads
Adapt Sportster Heads

1970 sportster 883 running super E is running too lean?

my jetting is at .028 int. and .070 main. which is highest recomended by S&S. front plug looks a little on the white side but not bad, and the back has the black spots on it. also i feel that i dont have as much power as I remember. can anybody help?
Yes im running stright pipes and i know. ust got a new top end and it has been running great for at least 300 miles into the break in. and since i already invested in the super e is there anyting i can do about this problem without having to buy a new carb? and im running a distributer not points.

" also i feel that i dont have as much power as I remember."....did you JUST install this carb????....the S&S E is actually too much carb for your engine, this was a bad choice in carbs, it is a very common mistake that alot of people make because they don't understand the physics of engines and carbs, venturi size, intake velocity, etc. For your engine size a 38mm carb would be optimal, but I have gotten EXCELLENT results from adapting late model Harley CV carbs onto Ironheads.

As the above answer states...if you are running drag pipes...BAD choice, BUT, I do have a way to HELP gain better pefromance from drags.

As to your question.....chaeck for intake AND exhaust leaks. Check that your pushrods are adjusted correctly....its been so long that I have worked on a Sporty that old, I can't remember which intake seals they use, i THINK they should be O-Rings, be sure you have they proper manifold for your heads and they proper seals. The intake spigots on the heads SHOULD be stepped, if so, your manifold should be stepped, this would take an O-Ring to seal the intake. If the head spigots are straight and not stepped, your manifold should be the same and it would use rubberband seals...thes heads, manifolds and seals can not be mismatched or they will not fit right and will leak.

To check for air leaks...get the engine up to operating temp, remove the air filter, let the engine idle, then use a can of brake cleaner with a straw attached and spray the intake seals and exhaust flanges where they meet the heads....ANY change in idle and you have a leak.

Also be sure the plugs are properly gapped for the ignition you are running, most likely points, gap is .028". Also be sure the point gap is correct at .018 on BOTH front and rear cylinder lobes.

EDIT...without having it to check out, just make sure the pushrods are properly adjusted, the solid lifter on Ironheads require conastant pushrod adjustments, especially on fresh motors, they need to be checked at about 250, 500, and then every 1000 miles.
Make sure there are no intake and exhaust leaks, and that the idle mix and accelerator pump are adjusted correctly, other than should be ok.
One mod to the carb you can make that will help alot is a Yost Atomizer.....[]=189970 ..... just remove the main jet, insert this into the emulsion tube and reinstall the jet.

With your pipes.....installing restriction bolts & spacers will help alot.
I am assuming you have slash cut pipes, 2 inches into the pipe from the front of the slash (not the actual end), drill a 5/16" hole, get 2 bolts & nuts 5/16x24x1-1/2" (fine thread), 2 5/16" flat washers, 2 5/16" lockwashers, and 6 nuts 3/8" course or fine doesn't matter, and red loctite. Take a bolt, heavily coat the threads with red loctite, put a flat washer on it and insert it partially into the hole on one of the pipes, slip the 3 3/8" nuts into the pipe and over the bolt, put a lockwasher into the pipe and on the bolt and then 5/16" nut and tighten it down tight...that's its, repeat this for the other pipe......
this will give the pipe the needed restriction (backpressure) and something to break up the negative soundwave traveling back up the pipe (reversion), so that it does not disrupt the intake charge during valve overlap.

Even better than the bolts would be these baffles....they don't muffle the exhaust sound alot, they actually make it sound better, BUT, what they DO do, is make drag pipes work......[]=186626

Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200 CUSTOM

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