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Fidget Key Brass Stress Reducing EDC Bi - Spinner With High Performance Ceramic Bearings, Brass Fidget Toy for ADD, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Focusing Aid for All Adults and Children Fidget Key Brass Stress Reducing EDC Bi - Spinner With High Performance Ceramic Bearings, Brass Fidget Toy for ADD, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Focusing Aid for All Adults and Children
Sale Price: $9.70

Product Description The fidget spinner is more than just a toy. It is a tool to help anyone suffering from anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and OCD. Fidget toys have also been known to help people quit bad habits like; nail biting, leg shaking, and even smoking. Aside from the benefits of this tool it is a great gadget for all ages. Both children and adults can enjoy the unique satisfaction of our fidget spinner. Instructions On How to Use The Spinner: The spinner does take some getting use to at first, but you will be a pro in no time. Simply hold the spinner using the caps in one hand. Then using the same hand or utilizing your other hand you can give it a nice spin and watch it run!

VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band
List Price: $20.46
Sale Price: $19.99
Used From: $14.93

In guitar mode, strum the strings or create awesome sounds with the whammy bar. In drum mode, simply flip over the whammy bar and bend up the handle to reveal a cymbal and drum. Your little rock star can jam all day long with the Strum & Jam KidiBand by VTech. Switching between guitar, drums and keyboard, your child will learn about musical creativity and imitative play with 12 different songs and melodies. Your little rocker can play a whole set… and then get ready for an encore. The Ultimate Preschool Musical Experience The Strum & Jam KidiBand leads to some fun jam sessions. Strum the guitar, beat the drums and the play keyboard along to 12 popular kids' songs and melodies with this 3-in-1 music toy. Your preschooler will play in rock, hip-hop and jazz styles or make their own songs in freestyle mode. A cool whammy bar, guitar strings and fun effects spark their creativity while cheering audience sounds build their self-esteem. Don't forget to tap the cymbal for an unforgettable finish. Rock out and learn on the guitar, piano and drums. Developmental Benefits Cool sound effects, freestyle mode and audience applause encourage musical creativity. Easy-to-transform, 3-in-1 playing options provide fun and independent play. Twelve popular kids’ songs and melodies and three different music styles encourage listening and repetition.Pretend guitar, keyboard and drum kit foster imaginative play Top Features 3-in-1 toy music band: guitar, piano and drumsGuitar strings, whammy bar and star buttons add realistic guitar sounds and fun sound effects3 different musical styles: rock, hip-hop and jazzRock out in freestyle mode or play along to 12 popular kids’ songs and melodiesRemovable guitar strap allow for easy fun on the goParent-friendly features include volume control and automatic shut off

SainSmart Jr. Amaze CB-22 Cube Money Maze Bank-Unique Perfect Gifts for Kids-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Pink) SainSmart Jr. Amaze CB-22 Cube Money Maze Bank-Unique Perfect Gifts for Kids-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Pink)
Sale Price: $6.99

-No More Boring Envelopes Your friends and family deserve a little more fanfare than impersonal birthday cards. It's affordable for the giver, awesome for the recipient, and can be used again and again. -Frustratingly Phenomenal Fun This non-toxic 3x3x3 box comes in four colors and is the new way to show you care without breaking the bank. It can also be the fun office gag gift with the new employee in the office. -Totally Worth the Wait The recipient of your gift might be a little exasperated while they're trying to get through the maze to the best surprise, but it'll be worth the wait. Recommended for anyone six and up. No o ne is safe from a good time. -Great Ideas for Anyone Turn cheap gift ideas into something exciting and intriguing. Your friends and family will be so happy that you put a little extra effort into their special moment. Plus, you can easily adjust the degree of difficulty. -Start Your Stockload Today It's fun and it's fresh! Order a few of these unique and fun boxes today! Your family and friends are sure to have a good time long after the puzzle's been solved. Specification Material: Environment friendly ABS plastic Color: Yellow/Blue/Green/Pink Size: 7.7x7.7x7.7cm / 3.0x3.0x3.0in Weight: 120g / 4.2oz Package 1 x Money Maze Box

Zippo Lighter Patent Prints - Set of Four Vintage Wall Art Collector Photos Zippo Lighter Patent Prints - Set of Four Vintage Wall Art Collector Photos
List Price: $19.97
Sale Price: $8.97

Zippo Patent Prints Zippo Manufacturing Company was founded in 1932 by George Grant Blaisdell. Since then thousands of different styles and designs have been made since their introduction including military versions for specific regiments. The founder produced the first Zippo lighter in early 1933 and it has been an iconic brand ever since.Zippo holds the rights to these four historic products. Pocket Lighter - George Gimera This design was patented on March 3, 1936 just three years after the first Zippo lighter. Companies are always updating and improving their products and Zippo was no different. This new lighter had a larger storage capacity for lighter fuel, which was not only easy to fill but also strong and durable while being simple in design and construction with a minimum of moving parts. Flint Dispenser - Walter AvisFlints are cylindrical objects of rather small size and it is therefore a tedious operation to pick one of them up and insert it in the flint tube of a pocket lighter. This invention provides a dispenser that may be carried conveniently in the pocket with the flints arranged in position for quick and convenient dispensing. Flameguard for Flint Wheel - Lester FlickingerThe flameguard's purpose is to prevent the deposit from the flame onto the flint-wheel, of carbon or other soil-like substances. Previous attempts have been made to protect the flint-wheel from being soiled by the flame, but these prior devices have involved complicated and expensive structures. The present invention involves the use of a very simple and effective flame guard and requires only a single extra part. Pyrophoric lighter - George OwenThis lighter was improved to provide means for sealing the fuel-chamber to prevent the escape of the liquid and more particularly to prevent evaporation of the highly volatile liquid which would in turn save the customer money.

Alessi Teo Stainless Steel Spoon for Tea Bag. Designer Tea bag Squeezer. Italian tea Accessory Designed by Karin Santorso and Barbara Ambrosz. Great Gift for Tea Lovers, Housewarming Present. Alessi Teo Stainless Steel Spoon for Tea Bag. Designer Tea bag Squeezer. Italian tea Accessory Designed by Karin Santorso and Barbara Ambrosz. Great Gift for Tea Lovers, Housewarming Present.
List Price: $26.00
Sale Price: $26.00

Alessi Téo spoon for tea bag AS01. Tea bag in 18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished. Designer Karin Santorso and Barbara Ambrosz. Tea bag squeezer Téo by Italian designer brand Alessi will squeeze tea bags to make sure every last drop from the teabag is in your cup. Tea bag lays on the spoon and bag string fits into the spoon handle. No more tea drips on the table and wet fingers burnt by hot teabags. Alessi tea bag squeezer also serves as regular tea spoon to stir in sugar, honey or milk.Not only functional tea accessory but also stunningly elegant Alessi Teo spoon for tea bag will do a unique gift for tea lovers. Alessi Teo spoon for tea bag AS01 by Italian brand Alessi - is the perfect gift to any connoisseur of tea! Your relatives, colleagues and just good friends will appreciate the functionality and aesthetics of this tea bag squeezer! To get fragrant tea to a single drop to a cup simply fit teabag string through spoon handle and pull the string.
Téo spoon for tea bag is made of polished to a mirror 18/10 stainless steel.
Branded gift packing from Alessi. Alessi is a family owned Italian design company, founded in 1921. Giovanni Alessi, a talented sheet metal worker, produced items by hand for the table and home out of copper, brass and nickel-silver. He was later joined by his son Carlo who was responsible for many of the designs produced in the 1930s and early 1940s. In the mid 1940s Alessi began to work with outside designers. The current Alessi catalog is the result of a collaboration with over 500 designers from all over the world. Manufacturer: AlessiMaterial: Stainless steel 18/10Quantity: 1 tea bag squeezerProduct family: Objets-BijouxGift ideas: Unique tea lovers gift idea, housewarming gift ideaDimensions with packing: 17.5 x 7.7 x 3.6 cm (7" x 3" x 1 1/2")Tea bag spoon length: 14.5 cm (5 3/4")Weight with packing: 130 grams (0.29 lbs)

Mark Twain Der Prinz Und Der Bettelknabe Men T Shirts Crew Neck Big Tall Black Mark Twain Der Prinz Und Der Bettelknabe Men T Shirts Crew Neck Big Tall Black
Sale Price: $9.46

Mark Twain Der Prinz und der Bettelknabe Latin Music The softest,smoothest,best-looking shirts and tank tops available anywhere. We use the shirts,which are made with 100% cotton for softness and comfort.all shirts and tank tops are printed using a technology called Direct-to-Garment (or DTG),which lays down soft durable,full color spectrum prints.

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Awesome Early Brass
Awesome Early Brass

Back to school style brainstorming help?

I have always sucked at making a list for back to school clothes and accessories (and shoes, let's not forget shoes). I need your guy's help to tell me any and all ideas you have, even if they seem crazy. I'm open to almost anything that covers my body so just tell me. The cheapest stores you can think of would also be great. Detailed answers would be awesome!

Thanks guys!!
Sorry, I always forget to mention, I'm a bit preppy and I love skirts and dresses.

You need a couple plain, fitted t-shirts. Even if it's not really your style, their something that you don't have to worry about matching shoes or pants, whatever. If you wake up late, just throw on some jeans, a t-shirt, sandals/boots/whatever and you're good to go!

Next, you need a couple semi-dressy shirts. Flowy, soft shirts, button down shirts, the kind of things you see in fashion magazines. Nothing completely crazy, though. I like to have three or four really nice shirts that I KNOW I look good in. That way, on days when I want to dress up but haven't put much thought into it I can go to them.

Next is jeans. I think you should have AT LEAST 3 pairs of jeans. One lightwash and two dark (or the other way around, whichever you prefer). I have two darkwash straight leg jeans, and one lightwash boot cut. I'm getting a pair of lightwash straight leg soon, though. Skinny jeans are always a must, I personally don't like the way they feel so I get straight leg, which are a bit looser at the ankle but look basically the same. You might one some colored jeans. I don't like anything crazy, but pastels like light blue and coral look REALLY good with flowy tops. Yellow can look good, too.

Next on my list is skirts/dresses. I say you need 5 skirts and 3 dresses. I'm a fan of the high-waisted skirts that are elastic on top and then kind of flair out. I also like soft, swingy, super pleated skirts. Body-con (I think that's what they're called, the tight skirts) look pretty good too, especially paired with a loose shirt. Dresses: if you like maxi-dresses, go for it! I personally am not a fan. I like dresses that come about to my knee, or a little higher. I pair them with a cardigan if sleeveless/spaghetti sleeves, or I get dresses with butterfly sleeves. Super cute!

You'll need cold weather clothes. I love cardigans! Sweaters are great, too! You need at least 8 long sleeve shirts, I think, and then jackets to go with your short sleeve/sleeveless tops. Blazers are pretty cute. Everyone needs their soft hoodie for lazy days! Over-sized, slouchy cardigans are a must-have, too! I have one, classic, navy-blue with white trim and brass buttons box cardigan. I LOVE IT! It kind of looks like a granny sweater, but I pair it with a nice shirt and jeans and I get a ton of compliments.

As for shoes, I don't know your dress code, but I LOVE sandals! Any kind, any color! I have gladiators, flip-flops, you name it, I have it! They go great with skirts, dresses, and skinny/straight leg jeans, too! I have them in white, black, coral, black with blue accents, you name it! Also, you need at least one pair of closed toed sneaker/type shoes. I have Sperrys, but I'm trying to branch out. I love Keds, too! Vans are okay, or TOMS, but I'm not the biggest fan. You also need boots! I have one pair of black, suede, knee-high boots, and they go with everything. I also have black leather ankle (combat like) boots, and I'm planning on getting some brown leather knee-highs this winter. They go with just about everything, too.

Next is accessories. I like to wear a long necklace with a pretty pendant/charm. Or, I'll put on a good bracelet. I have this really pretty pearl ring with jade in the middle that a family friend got me from Italy. I wear it at least once a week, I love it!

Here are my favorite, cheap stores: Forever 21, A'gaci, Charlotte Russe, Dillard's Macy's (a bit pricy, but not bad), Old Navy (they have good basics for dirt cheap), and other random places in the mall.

Whenever it's time to go back to school shopping I grab my mom early in the moring and go! Yeah, I shop with my mom. She's got the wallet, and will help me pick out clothes because she kind of knows my style. Then we meet at the dressing room and she hands stuff to me as I try things on. She'll go and get whatever she likes, which forces me to try things I may have not. Then, I find something I might like! So grab someone like that (mom, sister, best friend) and make a day of it!

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