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Crash Bars Shovelhead

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Harley Panhead Shovelhead Top Crash Bar Mount Kit 1958 69 OEM 3996 Cad CP 1038
Harley Panhead Shovelhead Top Crash Bar Mount Kit 1958 69 OEM 3996 Cad CP 1038 $5.95
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Harley Davidson Pan Head Shovel Head Saddle Bag Crash Guard Bars
Harley Davidson Pan Head Shovel Head Saddle Bag Crash Guard Bars $199.99
Time Remaining: 19d 11h 19m
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Crash Bars Shovelhead

Does any one know what kind of motorcycle this is?

It was a re gift and it has no markings or logos of any kind all it says is "SUPER BIKE" on the handle bars and on the engine it says "DOCH".
Any has any ideas? I was thinking of selling it.
Here is photo ill ad more later...:

unkown motorcycle
here is more pics:

unknown 2




PS: That brown stuff is dried up leaves.
PPS: Does any one know the resale value?
PPPS: Sorry for blurry pictures.
PPPPS: Just want to make sure what kind it is.

It's a 1978 KZ1000-A2

Get the Serial Number off the Frame or Engine and call any Kawasaki Dealer

'78 A2 had wire spoke wheels
and it had the lil' short chrome half-covers on the rear shock springs

But most Notable distinction is that 1978 was the 1st year Kaw flipped the front brake caliper to the Rear of the Fork .

The bikes would shake their head VERY bad at certain times.
Somehow Kawasaki figured the Solution was to Relocate the Caliper from in Front of the Fork,,,,to the Rear

That condition was most publicized by various Police Depts using the early Police Versions.

"Z-1's" ----(I'm Stupid--they're all still Z-1's to me)---had become Extremely Popular Police Bikes at the time.
A HUGE boost for KAW in Sales and Publicity.

Was even a TV Show featuring the Cop Models
It ran from '77 to '83.

Kaw Hurt H-D's Cop Biz more than anybody will admit.
The Shovelheads stayed firmly in place as the "Parade Bike" of choice,,,
but far as Interceptor,,,patrol bike,,,and Anywhere with Freeways,,,KAW's RULED almost overnight.

Until enough reports came in about their nasty quirk in front end wobble.

A Bunch of guys got back on H-D's,,
but it also sent a bunch Shopping around for "MORE" than what Harleys had to offer.
The Z's had opened their eyes and sorta spoiled them.
A Surprising number of Cops went to MotoGuzzis.
Honda Goldwings had been inching their way into the niche.
Damndest thing resulting from all that was,,,somehow Honda's CX500 got IT's foot in the door as a Cop Bike.

Anyway,,,Yeah,I know bike You have pictured there

'78 KZ1000 A2
Green or Red
Jap Produced scoots started with Frame Number
KZTOOA027501 & ended at --- 033450
USA made ones(Lincoln Nebraska) were KZTOOA507027 to # 515034

Engine Number will NOT match frame.
Look on top of crankcase just below right side carb.
The # range is KZTOOAE042501 to # 058140

Yours in the picture is US Mkt Version,,I can see the DOT Spot under the front corner of the gas tank.
The lil' yellow reflector "side marker".
None on the Rear,,because side panels of taillite lens are reflectors,thus DOT compliant

Yours AINT a '77 A1.
'77's still had the forward mounted front brake caliper.
They were Blue or Maroon coloured
Here's a '77

Here's a 78 A2
Notice all them brakes all over the front ?
The Text at bottom of page confirms that's "Correct".
Uhhhh,,,Yes and No.

Here's "YOUR" '78 A2

That particular bike has been Modded with:
Oil Cooler
Air Filters
Front Fender Removed

Somebody made 'emselves a hotrod---a typical "package" in it's day.
Dual Disc was "Latest Greatest" thing going,,,and EXPENSIVE.
and worked EXCELLENT on those bikes.
Ya think he Removed 1 entire brake assembly & threw it away??
Then went and bought the chrome hubcap to cover where 2nd disc "was"?

Single Disc is Original on that bike.

Bike in the Pic is a SINGLE DISC A2,,,just like yours

Here's another Single Disc '78 A2(click the pics to expand)

And another

1 more

Dual Discs didn't come till fairly late in production.

Far as Value---I dont have a clue.
Your example is ,,,well,,,You know.
But there's "Collector" interest in all the early models.
'78's are not particularly scarce or rare,,,but they do have a bunch of useful parts that fit a few year models.
It'd be worth something to somebody "restoring" a bike just for the parts.

And if the motor ain't frozen with rust from sitting,,,it wouldn't surprise me if it could be started & run fairly easy.
**Not according to the photo,,,lol,,they're just tuff ol' motors

Enough rant from me.
I wont swear to anything,,,but your bike is surely a '78 KZ1000 A2
Nothing else like them,the few small distinguishing differences are unique among all KZ's

Good Luck with whatever ya do with it

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