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Early Shovelhead Head

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Brad Penn 009-7116 SAE-60W Racing Oil Brad Penn 009-7116 SAE-60W Racing Oil
List Price: $10.99
Sale Price: $10.99

The Penn Grade 1 SAE 60 is suitable for use in gas, alcohol and nitro methane fuelled engines where this viscosity is desired. The high viscosity of this oil allows excessive dumping of fuel into the lubrication fluid while maintaining critical protection for expensive, high performance racing engines and their components. The SAE 60 is suited for the heavier viscosity lubrication needs of the early classic motorcycles and engines like Harley Davidson Flathead, Knucklehead, Pan head, Shovelhead and others.

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Early Shovelhead Head
Early Shovelhead Head

How hard is it to put an EVO engine in a Shovelhead frame.

I have a 1983 FLH. Is there a certain engione that would fit easier?

I was going to say the EVO is taller and won't quite fit, but then I saw you were putting it in a 83 FLT frame. I'm not sure but I think the "rubber glide" FLT and FXR frames will except a EVO. I know that an early 4 speed shovel head frame requires a torch and a welder to put an EVO in it.

The last of the shovel heads were a great engine, but the EVO's are better. The cylinders and heads on an EVO could disipate the heat and you could run them a lot harder before thermal melt down.

But then you already know that since you ask about the swap.

Harley Davidson shovel head early model 1951 turing ハーレー ショベルヘッド

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August 25th, 2002 at 7:06 am

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