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Front Brake Assembley

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Front Brake Assembley
Front Brake Assembley

how to remove 9.25 crhysler rearend assembley from rear end housing?

First remove rear wheels and brake drums, put in neutral & pan under rear end and remove rear cover on differential remove pin from carrier should have bolt holding in, rotate carrier, slide pin out. then push axle shafts in and remove C clips, slide axles out. Then remove spider gears and washers then remove 2 bearing caps and pry out ring gear and carrier. On front disconnect drive shaft at yoke/universal joint, remove nut inside will need air wrench, tap off yoke and tap out pinion with hammer and bronze punch or wooden block. done. I presume this is a rear wheel drive.

7. Fix the Front Brake Calliper - Electric Bicycle Assembly

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July 6th, 2001 at 7:59 am

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