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Harley Cork Gas

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James Gasket JGI-62270-32 Strainer Assembly Gasket - Cork James Gasket JGI-62270-32 Strainer Assembly Gasket - Cork
List Price: $13.71
Sale Price: $13.71

Genuine James Gaskets uses state of the art materials and production methods to make the best gaskets available. Comprehensive gasket kits for many applications as well as individual gaskets are available. Various material choices available depending onThis item fits the following models: 1936-1952 Harley Davidson EL1941-1964 Harley Davidson FL1955-1964 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide1932-1963 Harley Davidson G Servi-Car1937-1948 Harley Davidson U1937-1948 Harley Davidson UL1937 Harley Davidson W1937-1941 Harley Davidson WL1945-1951 Harley Davidson WL

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Harley Cork Gas
Harley Cork Gas

Beginning cyclist looking for info on a 79' Harley Davidson Fat Bob.?

I'm a new cyclist with very little knowledge about scoots. I'm buying a 1979 fxef Fat Bob as my first bike, and I'm trying to get as much info as possible, i.e. common problems, oddities, etc. I've heard it's not the best scoot to start on, but I can't pass it up (it's a great deal)
The price is $3,500. I'm buying it from my Uncle who bought it with 500 mi on it in 79'. I know he's put a bit of work into it, and he now swears by the bike. Given that he's been riding the bike for 30 years I'm hoping he's gotten some of the reliability issues worked out, and finding out all the mods he's done in the past won't be a problem. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes guys, keep em' coming!
I'm 6 ft 1in and 190lbs, I'm probably big enough to hold it up.

it will be a learning experience finding out whats been modified on it over the last 30 years.
a stock 79 could be either a 1200cc or a 1340. could be a ratchet top or a turret top tranny.
it will probably drip oil from the inner primary. its best to just get used to it.
if you have a lot of spare time you can put a new o ring between the motor & inner primary but it will probably still drip a little.
contrary to popular opinion, a shovel motor can be made oil tite with new gaskets & seals. most leaks will be from all the external oil lines when they get hard from age. get about 10 feet of new oil line & change them 1 at a time.
if the push-rod tubes leak get some blue silicone push rod seals from one of the after market catalogs, their a lot better than the original rubber & cork seals.
its a good idea to put new rubber band seals between the intake manifold & the heads every 3 or 4 years.they wear out & crack & an intake leak can cause a lot of problems.
run 91 octane gas, 93 if you can get it. use straight 60w motorcycle oil. shovels don't like 20/50 & they will do their best to get rid of any 20/50 you put in them & make a lot of mechanical noise while doing it..
spend a few months getting to know your 79's personality before you start abusing it & you can ride it another 30 years with an occasional ring & valve job.
hang in there

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April 26th, 2001 at 9:52 am

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