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Knucklehead Panhead Foot

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Knucklehead Panhead Foot
Knucklehead Panhead Foot

trikes-big boys toys.?

does anyone know which trike is the best to buy.

The "best" to buy is all dependent on what your looking for.
My husband was in a wheelchair and paralyzed from waist down so he bought a 1957 Harley Panhead and had it converted to trike using a Knucklehead frame with suicide shift and all hand controls. He and my toddler son had many happy hours out riding. After my husband's passing, I've maintained the trike but went back to foot controls on shifting and rear brakes.

The availability today of many ways to switch to a trike is really great for those that want to ride but find that the passage of time has made it hard on themselves to continue on 2 wheels. The Honda trikes are really nice looking as are the Harleys. The cost has a lot to do with choices, so I think the term "best" is per individual, not as a whole.

Getting the setup that allows you to keep your rear tire is a great idea to allow an owner to keep their original bike but making it easier for them to handle!

I have family members who ride VW trikes using Volkswagon motors and they love them above all others, so its always going to be a question of individuality. Just as I love my Harley Trike above others.

I find riding is a joy all its own regardless of what "brands" you ride. Good luck with the trikes Im sure you'll love it.

darian's first chopper ride

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June 22nd, 2002 at 10:26 am

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