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End Knucklehead Panhead

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End Knucklehead Panhead
End Knucklehead Panhead

What is the difference between a shovelhead,a panhead,and a knucklehead motorcycle?

knuckle heads are cast iron with an aluminum cover on the push rod side of the head.
pan-heads are aluminum with a chrome pan covering the entire top of the head, they are prone to crack if they get too hot too many times.
shovel heads have the center of the head exposed to the air & have a u shaped cover over the valves & rocker arms(shaped like the handle of a scoop shovel) & have bigger valves & ports than any harley made before or since them
all are true hemi's but the lower ends have changed over the years,types of main bearings, generator to alternator,oil pumps etc.but they can be interchanged to a degree. shovel upper on pan lower for example. I,ve seen one with a knuckle head on the rear cyl. & a pan head on the front mounted on a shovel lower end it ran but it had a special cam & different pistons to make both heads work. old harley parts are never thrown away unless they are destroyed in a wreck or fire, they are used on different bikes over & over. theres some real frankinstein bikes out there running up & down the hiways. if your lucky you wont buy one by accident.some of those old time wrench'es had a real sense of humor & no money for new parts.


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