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Light Twisted Sissy

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Light Twisted Sissy
Light Twisted Sissy

Christmas Tradition???????????????

okay so i want to start a new christmas tradition for a famiy of 5
games, movies, snacks, ect
something that won't get boring year after year
the kids are between 11-17 right now

Santas Helper,

Each year we do an add on and mark off one that wasn't successful so we don't loose that creative edge.

We vote on a theme for our tree, should it be a fresh tree or the one that is fake and cost a good deal of money.

Each year is diferent in each ones feelings
We keep the hand made angel as the Family's Crest of Beliefs
We have made popcorn and cranberries strands and twisting them together , and have the expensive golden and silver beads we also string on the tree.
We do however never deter from our own ornaments we each have so many for each year and each gets to put on two at a time and take turns putting them on , parents have already placed the lights on the tree and we now use the energy safe ones beautiful effect,
We use grandmothers tree skirt she made by hand and quilted , it's so beautiful its hard to describe. when the tree is stuffed with all our decorations we wait till 8:OOpm and dad turns on the main light to the tree and the fireplace and the inside of the windows and all around the rooms. He really takes pride in making this board that everything runs off of and dimmers and movement in some lights and not in others.
We make a lasagna and garlic bread and different cookies of different kinds and dad makes his famous peanut brittle thats to die for.
Each person has his or hers specialty and the joy of it all is we share and trade with grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that are in the 10 and up for kitchen duty. This is christmas eve now.
grandmother plays selected songs on her portable keyboard with recording and memory. there are some mixed drinks and lots of punch and eggnog from scratch , Aunt Sissys touch.
I'm making myself hungry........
Trimming the tree and family around and there isn't a moment to even breath and by 1:30 in the morning the young ones are tucked in megshift beds upstairs and gramps and gram are off to bed and smiling at each other as they do every year. Mom and dad and several aunts and uncles stay up for several hours more preparing the dinning table for our spectacular breakfast and the opening of presents afterward. The lists of foods and drinks are too long.Be assured we
never find a dull moment.

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March 26th, 2002 at 6:55 pm

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