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Linkage Single Male

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Linkage Single Male
Linkage Single Male

3-point test cross in the X-linked genetic?

We make a cross in which women and men are to produce an F1 hybrid F1. + P - double cross on BT + W + -9 to 6 - pw double cross on Bt-90 - Cross only on + + + - 95 - Cross only on BT + + - 424 - parental types pw + - 376 - These types are only son of parents. The question you are asked to construct a linkage map (all characters are recessive and X-linked-) has not the other two single crosses (p + w + y + bt) P is the center of the map ... map units of the eyes (which is 1.5 MU) for p is 20 MU issue is if you have no other SCO determines the distance BT pa??

Assuming no interference, then p (double) must be equal to p (Single 1) xp (single2) by what it would mean that p (single2) = p (double) / p (only 1). However, we have no direct way to measure them because it requires knowing the total number of offspring. It is 1000 (observed) + lack singles (N). As a rough estimate will .015/.185 =. 081. More Specifically, the value is N / (100 + N) = (15 / (100 + N)) / (185 / (1000 + N)) However, if the distance w - p is given as 18.5 (20 to 1.5) and the calculated 185/1000 All the same, then just seems there is no * other, implying a distance map zero. But this is true, so do not expect double cross overs either. In conclusion: there is something strange on the cross, or on the data presented. everyone can be right.

Human League - "Don't You Want Me"

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