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Pair Old Beater

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Pair Old Beater
Pair Old Beater

Suspension REAL question mechanics / technicians?

I have a 89 Oldsmobile Close as struts.Monroe beater.It winter needs new front a "Quick Strut" Assembly which costs $ 400 for pair.I could do this swap myself and yes, I have the tools. What are the tools that I have knowledge and not to replace only the question of the proposal is itsself.My be less expensive to capture and Stute be replaced by struts to be as $ 50 / pc more work, or by the Assembly and do it myself? The car has 150K on it, so I think the coils are made as well.

If you want to do the work yourself, you can spend the money for the Struts quickly, do the work and take a range later. The quickstruts are welcome, because they have the struts, coils and the media / bearings included. Basically it is removing and replacing a employment should not take more than an hour to do both. If you catch a store to have to do, maybe a little cheaper if you provide the same accessories. Do not take the big nut at the top of the hill or if you eat a spring is under pressure and can cause damage if not taken off with the compressor of appropriate jurisdiction. My recommendation would be to use Monroe Sensa-Trac Gabrial place. We used Gabrial actions and found they do not last more than one month before starting a leak if it has changed vendors.

Dicky talks about how we miked Mitch's drums

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