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Kensun HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller & Anti Flicker (1 Pair) Kensun HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller & Anti Flicker (1 Pair)
List Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Used From: $10.03

Kensun's HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller solves a problem sometimes encountered when installing HID kits on certain car models, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. The CANBUS system in these vehicles causes a computer error warning to be displayed. By using this cable, you can connect the power supply to the HID ballast via this unit which resolves the computer error warning.

YTX20L-BS High Performance Power Sports Battery YTX20L-BS High Performance Power Sports Battery
List Price: $49.50
Sale Price: $49.50

This battery also fits:Kawasaki JH750 F2 1995-1999,Kawasaki JH750 E1 1995-1999,Kawasaki JH750 G1 1995-1999,Kawasaki JH750 ST 1995-1997,Kawasaki JH750 G2 1995-1999,Kawasaki JT900 STX 1995-2005,Kawasaki JS750 SXi 1995-2002,Kawasaki JS750 SXi Pro 1995-2002,Kawasaki JH900 ZXi 1995-1997,Kawasaki JT750 STX 1996-1998,Kawasaki JT750 STS 1996-1998,Kawasaki JH1100 ZXi 1996-2003,Kawasaki JT900 STS 1997-2005,Kawasaki JT1100 STX 1997-2003,Kawasaki JH1200-A 1999-2005,Kawasaki JH1200 B Ultra 150 1999-2005,Kawasaki JH1100-B Ultra 130 2001-2004,Kawasaki JT1200 C 2002-2007,Kawasaki JT1200-A-B 2002-2007,Kawasaki JT1200 STX-R 2002-2007,Kawasaki JT1200 STX-12F 2002-2007,Kawasaki JS800 SX-R 2003-2013,Kawasaki JT1500-A 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500 STX 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500 250X 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500 Ultra LX 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500C 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500 STX-15F 2004-2013,Kawasaki JT1500B 2004-2013,Kawasaki 300(L)X 2007-2013,Kawasaki 260(L) X 2007-2013,SEA-DOO 1988-1993,Honda AquaTrax F/R-12 2002-2009,Honda AquaTrax F/R-12X 2002-2009,Honda AquaTrax F-15X 2003-2013,Honda AquaTrax F15 2003-2013,Polaris Switchback 2009-2010, Polaris RMK 2009-2010, Polaris FS/FST 2006-2010,Polaris Widetrack 2006-2010,Polaris Turbo Switchback 2006-2010, Polaris Turbo LX 2008-2013,Polaris Turbo IQ 2008-2013,Yamaha Vector 2009,Yamaha Viking 2009,Yamaha RS Viking Professional 2009-2013,Yamaha RS1000S Yamaha RS1000GT Yamaha RS1000RS Yamaha RX1000R RX All Models 2003-2005,Yamaha FX Nitro 2013,Yamaha RS Venture 2013,Yamaha RS Vector 2013,,BRP SKI-DOO ZX Types 2002-2003, BRP SKI-DOO Skandic 20102010, 2005-2009, 2011-2013,BRP SKI-DOO Expedition 2005-2013,BRP SKI-DOO Freestyle 2005-2013,BRP SKI-DOO Grand Touring 20132013, 2004-2012,BRP SKI-DOO Renegade 20132013, 2004-2012,BRP SKI-DOO Tundra 20132013, 2004-2012,BRP SKI-DOO MKZ 2007-2013,BRP SKI-DOO GSX 2007-2013, 2004-2006,BRP SKI-DOO GTX 2007-2013, 2004-2006,BRP SKI-DOO Summit 2006-2013, 20042005,BRP SKI-DOO MX Z 2004-2013,BRP SKI-DOO Legend 2007-2012

The Original EZ Lip Universal Front Bumper Spoiler The Original EZ Lip Universal Front Bumper Spoiler
List Price: $35.01
Sale Price: $35.01
Used From: $36.31

The fast, easy, low-cost way to lower you car and give it a more aggressive sports car look! Universal compatibility allows the EZ Lip to be installed on virtually all makes and models. Flexible foam rubber will bend and conform to the shape of your bumper. The EZ Lip will protect from scrapes from driveways, speed bumps and curbs. Installation easy and requires no special skills or tools. Quality 3M automotive tape will not be affected by wet or cold weather and will easily endures all all types of weather, car washes and high speeds.

Marshall Excelsior ME412P Camping Propane Tee Adapter Marshall Excelsior ME412P Camping Propane Tee Adapter
List Price: $32.54
Sale Price: $25.00

The camping appliance tee allows the RV owner the ability to connect either one or two high pressure LP gas appliances from a single LP gas cylinder source. This features two male 1 Inch 20 high pressure propane connection ports for powering portable camping appliances such as: Camp stoves, lanterns, table top grills, portable heaters, and other small LP appliances. Tee adapter, QCC1 x Male 1 Inch 20 x Male 1 Inch 20.

Marshall Excelsior (ME418P) Propane Adapter Tee Marshall Excelsior (ME418P) Propane Adapter Tee
List Price: $39.17
Sale Price: $38.96

Marshall Excelsior Propane Adapter Tee Model ME418. The ACME tee fitting allows towable RV or cottage owners the ability to connect two high pressure LP gas appliances to a single LP gas cylinder source. This product has a 1 inch 20 male high pressure propane appliance connection port and (1) combination 1.32 inch Type I Male ACME (Female POL) connection port for powering camp stoves, lanterns and table top appliances directly from the fuel supply of the RV. QCC1 x Retro-Q x 1 inch 20M.

Marshall Excelsior ME425P Propane Adapter Tee Marshall Excelsior ME425P Propane Adapter Tee
List Price: $50.99
Sale Price: $38.98

Brand new item ships directly from our warehosue. Contact seller for more information about this product.

Sale Price: $69.00

mit ESSICA PERÉZ + SAMANTHA AHRENS Der legendäre, limitierte, nicht im Handel erhältliche Würth Kalender Die Models sind vollformatig in erotischen Posen, in Hochglanzqualität abgebildet. Jetzt schon ein wertvolles Sammlerstück !!! Maße: (68cm x 49cm) Damit der Kalender unversehrt,ohne Knicke und Falten bei Ihnen eintrifft versende ich ausschließlich gerollt amin eine spezielle Teleskopverpackung !

Sale Price: $69.00

MODEL CALENDAR 2016 More than 30 years of Würth Girls Calendars Today, the large-size Würth wall calendar has already achieved cult status among Würth customers from the trades and industry. Back in 1984, we started with a few thousand copies, but 1993 already saw 150,000 print runs. This year, we will distribute 745,630 calendars to Würth customers in about 60 countries. Claudia Schiffer was the first top model to pose on the calendar's sheets in 1999. Since then, top models such as Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta, Alessandra Ambrosio or Karolina Kurkova have adorned our internal Würth production. The photographer For the Girls Calendar, Würth cooperates with New York-based photographer Stephan Würth, who is also shooting top models for GQ, Vogue or Playboy. Models 2016 Models in calendar 2016 Hannah Ferguson (left) Born: 1992 Place of birth: USA, Texas Tereza Kačerová (in the middle) Born: 1993 Place of birth: Czech Republic Mathilde Gøhler (right) Born: 1993 Place of birth: Denmark

Lui Magazine (May, 2014) Lui Magazine (May, 2014)
Used From: $199.95

Artikelbeschreibung EROTIK - EROTIC - EROTICA © LUI FRANCE *** PENTHOUSE - PLAYBOY - FETISCH *** EROTIK - EROTIC - EROTICA - ZEITSCHRIFT - MAGAZIN - JOURNAL - *** Publication: Lui Magazine May 2014 Model: Rihanna Photographer: Mario Sorrenti Rihanna en Une de Lui Lui n°7 est en kiosque et c'est, en exclusivité, la diva hypersexy Rihanna qui fait la Une, pour la série de 10 pages que lui a consacrée Mario Sorrenti. Rihanna, bombe parmi les bombes, s'est déshabillée pour Lui. Vous aviez aperçu sur le Net quelques images de la séance consacrée à la bombe de 26 ans ? Depuis un mois, les fins limiers du web cherchent en effet quel est ce mystérieux « French Magazine » qui déshabillait Rihanna... La réponse est donc dans les kiosques demain ! Mais vous y trouverez aussi le grand entretien accordé par Michel Houellebecq à Frédéric Beigbeder, dans lequel l'auteur de Non Réconcilié (éd. Gallimard) s'exprime sur le nihilisme, l'humanisme, la cigarette et Franz Schubert ; une Défonce du Consommateur toute de montres luxueuses, de 4×4 blindés, d'hélicoptères 12 places et de parfums envoûtants ; notre interview de Julien Dray, qui parle à Thomas Legrand de socialisme et d'horlogerie, notre enquête à Las Vegas sur les arnaques des casinos, le portrait de Mosab Hassan Youssef, fils d'un des fondateurs du Hamas et pourtant agent double israélien, notre rencontre avec Raffaele Minichiello, la star des pirates de l'air depuis son détournement, en 1969, du vol TWA 85 ; le bilan de santé de Lambert Wilson, Hea par Olivier Zham ; Magda par Mark Segal... Et d'autres surprises.

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Sport Models Excelsior
Sport Models Excelsior

i love acting but i can't find agents in my area?

i am big into acting but my school isn't and i play sports so i don't have time to be looking up every detail of information on an agent or schools to go to.

i live in the minneapolis area and i want to start a real acting carreer when i get out of high school because then i don't have to have parent with me everywhere i go but i want to do print adds and comercials how do i get into that stuff without an agent?

Here are three legit agencies in Minneapolis:

Allensworth Entertainment, Inc.
Full Service (All Ages)

Moore Creative Talent, Inc.
Full Service (All Ages)

Wehmann Models/Talent, Inc.
Full Service (All Ages)

They were found here:

To get an agent, you need to get GREAT headshots, a good resume, and training from the best. These are enough to get you a commercial agent at least. Getting a GOOD theatrical agent (Film/tv) takes longer. Most good theatrical agents won’t see you unless you’re SAG, have a polished resume, and a demo reel. Commercial agents are more lenient about that. What the best Commercial agents want to see on your resume are good commercial classes, improv, and cold reading.

You can get an agent multiple ways. Here are a few common ways:
-Mail in an unsealed manilla envelope with a CONCISE coverletter and headshot with the resume stapled on the back. If you have a demoreel include that too.
-Attend a showcase and impress them. By showcase I do not mean scammy conventions like IMTA, IPOP, Proscout, or Best New Talent. I mean legit ones like at Actor Connection, Reel pros, Network Studios, etc.
-Get a referral from a friend who is with the agency that you’re interested in

-Email them unless they tell you to. IT’S UNPROFESSIONAL!
-Call unless they tell you to. ALSO UNPROFESSIONAL!
-Walk in and ask for a meeting. UNPROFESSIONAL THREE!
-Sign with them if they ask for upfront money, make you take new photos with THEIR photographer, or take THEIR classes. Agent’s ONLY make money when you do. Agents usually make 10% on film/tv and commercials and 20% on commercial print.

For the agent interview, be yourself. The agents want to know your personality. Create a conversation with him or her. If you're in the room for at least 45 minutes, they like you. Also, be prepared to have a monologue or two. Better yet, if you have a good scene you can ask the agent to read the other part with you.

Look up LEGIT agencies here:

Sample Resume:

Avoiding BAD Headshots:

Aspettando i MONDIALI e il CRESE CUP...

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