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Tuning Older Harley

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Trans-Dapt 1043 Oil Filtration Replacement O-Ring Trans-Dapt 1043 Oil Filtration Replacement O-Ring
List Price: $1.97
Sale Price: $0.99

Trans-Dapt Performance Products spin-on style oil filter adapters allow you to convert older 1956-up Chevy V8s with a stock canister style oil filter, to a current day spin-on style oil filter. Ever adapter comes complete with adapter, mounting hardware and o-rings or gaskets. Does not fit Chevy II. Not for race, diesel or marine use. For these applications, use Hamburger's Performance Products milled aluminum oil filtration products.

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Tuning Older Harley
Tuning Older Harley

Nobody goes to the Convention for great motorcycle to Sturgis, SD this year?

The experience this year has been very rewarding, with many watch and learn. Particularly interesting are the speeches and a group session in the Great Hall of broken spokes, accompanied a nice music and a captivating view. Fine dining, with hosts and guests pleasant expression, it was easy to find in different parts of the small town of the tail. Thousands of conventions dressed appropriately years participated in this meeting, and most of them transportation entered singular. For adjustment of art, had a lot of skin and hair very artistic purposes. Yes, it was a great experience, the air was filled with joy and dynamic, rhythmic sounds of thousands of Harley Davidson finely tuned. (Pope Potato + +) ^ 10. Yes, we old, many of us still attend.

LOL! I have never heard a week of motorcycle and described so eloquently briefly! "Skin-end creative arts and fine hair" ... I'm still laughing!

Flame Throwing Harley Street Glide

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July 1st, 2002 at 7:49 pm

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