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Washers Five Pack

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Broutech Pressure washer 1/4 Broutech Pressure washer 1/4" spray nozzle tips 65 Degree Pack of 3 , 3GPM Jet Stream
List Price: $14.98
Sale Price: $14.98

Package includes 3 of the 65 Degree 1/4" standard size spray nozzle.

Danco 35087 3/8L Non-Stick Washers, Pack-25 Danco 35087 3/8L Non-Stick Washers, Pack-25
List Price: $22.50
Sale Price: $22.50

Non-stick washers are perfect in areas where there is high mineral content that would normally affect a rubber washer. Engineered to withstand temperatures from -200 to +600 degrees F.

AR-15 1/2 AR-15 1/2"x28 Thread Steel Crush Washer (Pack of 5)
List Price: $6.76
Sale Price: $1.95

CNC machined, Mil Spec material and plating

Ultimate Arms Gear Pack Of 5 AR-15 AR15 AR 15 M16 M4 .223 5.56 Rifle 1/2 Ultimate Arms Gear Pack Of 5 AR-15 AR15 AR 15 M16 M4 .223 5.56 Rifle 1/2"x28 Thread Steel Crush Washer For Barrel Flash Hider Choke Suppressor Muzzle Brake Compensator
Sale Price: $9.99

Official Product Of Ultimate Arms Gear, Brand New.

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Washers Five Pack
Washers Five Pack

How to dye jeans black with Rit dye?

I bought five packs and threw them in the washing machine with my jeans and put on hot and small load, now I wait.In my fabric dyeing anything past life experiences became black (gray only), so I bought five packs to think that the work better.Do you can have any type of fabric dyeing tips for jeans? Yeah, I followed the instructions, but turned gray fn raaawr thanks.yep

Do jeans 100% cotton? Or are a blend of polyester and cotton? Or a mix of cotton spandex? Black works best on fabrics 100% cotton. You is right, you do not need more black dye is often suggested. The best way to dye is not always the machine wash! You can dilute the color too much and can not always soak the clothes in the dye sufficient. The fibers must react with the dye and, too much water, the reaction will not be as strong. Thus, using a large bucket and fill it with hot water side. Add c. to couple tablespoons salt to the water. Dissolve the dye in hot water, add liquid if the dye to the water cube. If you can find something that called soda ", adding that the water stain. It is available at craft store Michael in the field of supplies tie dye, sometimes called "fix the dye." Sodium carbonate contributes to the fiber to react with the dye, which "opens" the fiber. Pre wet jeans, never put the clothes dry in a dye bath, and plunge them into the bucket. Stir until it is saturated and let them sit in the dye. Let stand for several hours, then remove and rinse excess dye under cold water. They should be nice and black now. Wash separately a couple of times, and always in cold water with detergent for fabrics made in black. I often wear black overdye to cool faded black and is the method I use.

Car Wash Equipment - SFB Side Washers

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